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I am a mathematician based at the Department of Mathematics of the American University of Beirut.


On leave (until June 2024)

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Interactions between symbolic dynamics (cellular automata and tilings), probability theory (probabilistic cellular automata and Gibbs measures), ergodic theory, computation theory, information theory, and combinatorics, particularly problems originated from statistical physics and computer science.

Events of Interest

AUTOMATA 2024 (Durham, July 2024)
Multidimensional symbolic dynamics and lattice models of quasicrystals
(Marseille, April 1–5, 2024)
Thematic Month on Discrete Mathematics & Computer Science
(Marseille, January 29 – March 2, 2024)

AUB mathematics seminar (in-person/online, biweekly)
CAMS events (in-person/online, regular)
Percolation Today (online, weekly)

Past events

Slides of Recent Talks


[2024] (with Yahya Ayach, Anthony Khairallah, Tia Manoukian, Jad Mchaimech, and Adam Salha), Zero-one laws for events with positional symmetries, Preprint.

[2023] (with Léo Gayral and Mathieu Sablik), Characterisation of the set of ground states of uniformly chaotic finite-range lattice models, Preprint.


[2022] (with Sem Borst, Frank den Hollander and Francesca Nardi), Crossover times in bipartite networks with activity constraints and time-varying switching rates, Annals of Applied Probability, 32(6): 4279–4314, 2022. [preprint]

[2022] (with Nazim Fatès and Irène Marcovici), Self-stabilisation of cellular automata on tilings, Fundamenta Informaticae, 185(1): 27–82, 2022. [open access]

[2021] Reversible cellular automata in presence of noise rapidly forget everything, in Proceedings of AUTOMATA-2021, 90, 3:1–3:15, OASIcs 90, Schloss Dagstuhl, 2021. [open access]

[2021] (with Sebastián Barbieri, Ricardo Gómez, Brian Marcus and Tom Meyerovitch), Gibbsian representations of continuous specifications: the theorems of Kozlov and Sullivan revisited, Communications in Mathematical Physics, 382(2), 1111–1164, 2021. [preprint]

[2020] (with Sebastián Barbieri, Ricardo Gómez and Brian Marcus), Equivalence of relative Gibbs and relative equilibrium measures for actions of countable amenable groups, Nonlinearity, 33(5), 2409–2454, 2020. [preprint]

[2019] (with Nazim Fatès and Irène Marcovici), Cellular automata for the self-stabilisation of colourings and tilings, in Proceedings of RP-2019, LNCS 11674, 121–136, Springer, 2019. [preprint]

[2019] (with Irène Marcovici and Mathieu Sablik), Ergodicity of some classes of cellular automata subject to noise, Electronic Journal of Probability, 24, paper #41, 44pp, 2019. [open access]

[2018] (with Frank den Hollander and Francesca Nardi), Metastability of hard-core dynamics on bipartite graphs, Electronic Journal of Probability, 23, paper #97, 65pp, 2018. [open access]

[2018] Statistical equilibrium in deterministic cellular automata, in Probabilistic Cellular Automata: Theory, Applications and Future Perspectives, 145–164, Springer, 2018. [preprint]

[2017] (with Silvio Capobianco and Jarkko Kari), Post-surjectivity and balancedness of cellular automata over groups, Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science, 19(3), 2017. [open access]

[2016] (with Silvio Capobianco and Jarkko Kari), An "almost dual" to Gottschalk’s conjecture, in Proceedings of AUTOMATA-2016, LNCS 9664, 77–89, Springer, 2016.

[2016] (with Nazim Fatès and Irène Marcovici), Two-dimensional traffic rules and the density classification problem, in Proceedings of AUTOMATA-2016, LNCS 9664, 135–148, Springer, 2016.

[2015] Restricted density classification in one dimension, in Proceedings of AUTOMATA-2015, LNCS 9099, 238–250, Springer, 2015. [preprint]

[2015] (with Jarkko Kari), Statistical mechanics of surjective cellular automata, Journal of Statistical Physics, 160(5):1198–1243, 2015. [open access]

[2013] (with Amir Daneshgar and Alireza Rahimi), Function Simulation, Graph Grammars and Colourings, International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 90(7):1334–1357, 2013.

[2012] (with Aernout C. D. van Enter and Giulio Iacobelli), Potts model with invisible colours: Random-cluster representation and Pirogov-Sinai analysis, Reviews in Mathematical Physics, 24(2):1250004, 2012.

[2012] (with Jarkko Kari), Conservation laws and invariant measures in surjective cellular automata, in Proceedings of AUTOMATA-2011, DMTCS, 113–122, 2012.

[2012] (with Enrico Formenti, Jean-Paul Comet, and Gilles Bernot), On the impact of distance between two genes on their interaction curve, Journal of Mathematical Biology, 64(1–2):131–147, 2012. Preliminary results presented in MTNS-2010.

[2012] Conservation Laws in Cellular Automata, in G. Rozenberg et al. (Eds.), Handbook of Natural Computing (Vol I), 259–286, Springer, 2012.

[2011] (with Aernout C. D. van Enter and Giulio Iacobelli), First-order transition in Potts models with ``invisible'' states: Rigorous proofs, Progress of Theoretical Physics, 126(5):983–991, 2011.

[2011] (with Enrico Formenti and Jarkko Kari), On the hierarchy of conservation laws in a cellular automaton, Natural Computing, 10(4):1275–1294, 2011.

[2010] (with Amir Daneshgar and Hossein Hajiabolhassan), On the Complexity of Unique List Colourability and the Fixing Number of Graphs, Ars Combinatoria, 97, 2010.

[2008] (with Jarkko Kari), Combinatorics of Conservation Laws, Bulletin of the EATCS, 95:183–197, June 2008.

[2008] (with Jarkko Kari), A Particle Displacement Representation for Conservation Laws in Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata, in Proceedings of JAC-2008, B. Durand (Ed.), 65–73, 2008.

[2008] (with Enrico Formenti and Jarkko Kari), The Most General Conservation Law for a Cellular Automaton, in Proceedings of CSR-2008, E. A. Hirsch et al. (Eds.), LNCS 5010, 194–203, 2008.

[2008] (with Tim Boykett and Jarkko Kari), Conservation Laws in Rectangular CA, Journal of Cellular Automata, 3(2):115–122, 2008.

[2007] Cellular Automata Reversible over Limit Set, Journal of Cellular Automata, 2(2):167–177, 2007.


[2009] Conservation Laws in Cellular Automata, Ph.D. thesis, University of Turku, 2009.  Supervisor:  Professor Jarkko Kari.  Opponent: Professor Bruno Durand. Errata to be added.

[2004] Multiparty Interactive Protocols and Some Applications (in Persian), Master's Thesis, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Sharif University of Technology.  Supervisor: Professor Amir Daneshgar.

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Resources for Mathematicians

Dictionary of Mathematical English Usage by Jerzy Trzeciak
The Grammar According to West by Douglas B. West


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